R-Ladies Book Club

January Meetup Recap: What We Learned at rstudio::conf

For our January R-Ladies Chicago Meetup, five Chicago R-Ladies presented lightning talks on topics they learned about at rstudio::conf 2019. Three of our organizers attended workshops on diversity scholarships, so we were especially excited to hear what they learned. Natalie Jorion also volunteered to speak, and we ended up having a total of five speakers! Each person spoke for 10 minutes on a subject they thought was interesting. Topics of the night included deep learning, improving data project organization, tips for Shiny applications, reproducible research, and contributing to open source.

Introducing Chicago Schools Enrollment Data to R

The City of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) have made data on annual enrollments, school locations, and other school features available to the public. After a bit of wrangling (frankly maybe more than just a bit) these data can be used in R to get key visualizations. My own interest in the schools data began with a desire to understand more about the spread of charter schools in the city, and also more about the sharp enrollment declines that some regular public high schools have experienced since the early ’00s.