Introducing our 2020 Career Series!

R-Ladies Chicago is proud to host our three-part Career Series in February, March, and April. With hiring season on the horizon, our Career Series will empower R-Ladies with the skills necessary to succeed in the data field. Join us for any/all of these events! Thank you to Groupon for hosting! All events will take place at Groupon Corporate Headquarters (600 W. Chicago Avenue; Chicago, IL 60654). Please check in at the front desk then go up to the third floor

R-Ladies Wine Preferences: Sip and Code Recap and Tutorial

Last Wednesday, June 26, 2019, the R-Ladies Chicago got together for a Summer Social Meetup over wine and coding. It was a great opportunity to meet people, socialize and, of course, have some drinks! We were supposed to taste some beverages (wine tasting was optional, there were non-alcoholic drinks too) and rate them for a collaborative activity afterwards. So, what are the R-Ladies wine preferences? In this post I’ll present the data we produced in a simple tutorial.

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R Forwards Package Workshop Recap

Last Saturday, February 23, 2019, took place the R Forwards Women’s Package Workshop in Chicago at Center for Spatial Data Science, where Angela Li (CivicAngela) and Stephanie Kirmer (data_stephanie) conducted the workshop. 40 R-Ladies attended from different parts of the Chicago area to increase their abilities with R. Image Caption: Women’s Package Development Workshop Attendees What do we learn? We learned about packages, which are the fundamental units of reproducible R code.

Introducing Chicago Schools Enrollment Data to R

The City of Chicago and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) have made data on annual enrollments, school locations, and other school features available to the public. After a bit of wrangling (frankly maybe more than just a bit) these data can be used in R to get key visualizations. My own interest in the schools data began with a desire to understand more about the spread of charter schools in the city, and also more about the sharp enrollment declines that some regular public high schools have experienced since the early ’00s.

Call for Blog Posts

R-Ladies Chicago is excited to start this blog to showcase the perspectives of different members in the R-Ladies Chicago community! We are looking for individuals who are interested in contributing to this blog. Whether you just want to write a single blog post or contribute regularly, we want to hear from you! We’re hoping to have two new posts each month on this blog. Blog posts could consist of: